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Being home to ancient traditions of winemaking, preserved since time immemorial, visiting Telavi without wine tasting is unimaginable. For this reason, we have carefully selected our staff to provide you with proper information about our natural wine selection, and have even planned out a condensed sightseeing tour of must-see historic buildings and cultural areas, including Alaverdi, Shuamta, Ikalto, Gremi, and Nekresi, as well as the Aleksandre Chavchavadze Cultural Museum in Tsinandali.

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Located in Saniore, a tiny village with about 735 inhabitants 21 kilometers from Telavi, Sanavardo Estate stretches over 60 hectares of land in the Alazani valley, on the right side of Lopota Lake, at 420 meters above sea level. According to certain credible sources, Prince Aleksandre Chavchavadze and his family used to host their foreign guests here. Rebuilt and run by two brothers, Sanavardo Estate is envisioned as a resort that resembles luxury ranches of Napa Valley, offering visitors a unique experience in wine country, supplemented with a variety of wine-related activities, including grape-picking, bread baking, and horseback riding. The estate is also available for rent for weddings, conferences and other events of sorts.

The Estate is a perfect destination in Kakheti region for wine lovers who are looking to experience a homey location and a wide range of wine-related activities, as well as top event (wedding, conference etc.) premises. It caters to a diverse segment of visitors who are looking to experience Georgian cuisine and wine in a natural setting, wine and dine with a group of friends, and enjoy a classic Georgian ranch atmosphere on a reasonable budget. We welcome cosmopolitans from all over the world who are open to eccentricities and wish to experience Georgian wine in a setting in which nature not only coexists with, but also helps create a peculiar sense of place. Be it dining in a lavish garden or horseback riding after lunch, there isn’t a single activity to be missed during this trip.

  • Convenient location (20 minutes from Telavi center);
  • Vineyards, Qvevris, and dining premises available on site;
  • On-site master classes;
  • Own portfolio of wines (12 varieties) for tasting & sale.
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