In the Heart of Kakheti

Kakheti, Telavi is not a typical Georgian city.

Kakheti – Its rhythm and atmosphere make it a unique destination for foreigners and locals alike. Wooden balconies with traditional Georgian ornaments coexist harmoniously. With buildings from the 50s in the city center. Where life seems to flow dynamically as extravagantly dressed locals and tranquil tourists tread the cobblestone covered streets during daytime. The city has really been brought back to life after its refurbishment which aimed to preserve Telavi’s character and revive its history.

Hotel Erekle was designed in a way that resembles the overall stylistic approach of redevelopment of our favorite city.

The building is a 19-th century château, resided previously by King Erekle’s 24 children. Its red brick walls and overall structure have been fully preserved and integrated attractively with modern living standards. Located in the very center of Telavi, the hotel boasts an unrivaled view over the Alazani Valley and Caucasus Mountains. The courtyard overlooks the entire city and is wrapped in ancient brick walls, shielding the patio from curious passers-by (the hotel is located right next to the King Erekle II Museum, which is a popular destination for tourists as well as local youth).

Traditional wooden balconies with a view and 24/7 bar are not the only top amenities of the hotel. Each room stands out with its eccentric, unique paintwork and Persian, Arabic and Georgian ornaments, eclectic furniture and hardwood floors.

We have certainly not forgotten that Telavi is the center of Georgian wine country. Which is why we offer a private tour with some of the most memorable locations throughout Kakheti. Including our sister estate in the Saniore village, located 21 km from Telavi center. The experience starts in the bar of our hotel, offering a sizeable selection of local wines, including our own Qvevri wines from the Napareuli micro-zone (Village Saniore, Telavi region), which boast rich palettes and distinctive bouquets.