Hotel Food: Local Bites or Bold Experiments?

Over the course of several years in business, we have experimented quite a bit with food, searching for the perfect menu that would suit visitors from all sorts of backgrounds and wants and needs We have to admit, it has been a challenge: when we offered traditional local food, customers wrote that neutral international options were missing, whereas offering neutral international foods got us negative reviews from those who wish to experiment with the local cuisine.

Now that the busy tourist season is over and we no longer expect ravenous tourists to flood our sunny courtyard during the cold winter months, we decided to focus on our breakfast instead and are looking for recommendations and insights from our former and future guests or virtually anyone passionate about the hospitality business.

Aside from dairies, cereals and cold cuts, we are currently serving breakfast à la carte and offer guests several different options from cooked oatmeal to omelet with cheese and tomatoes. However, it has been brought to our attention that guests prefer to have several dish options readily available as part of the breakfast buffet. From November onwards, our breakfast will include baked tomatoes with egg stuffing, classic hash browns and roasted vegetables. Given our commitment to sustainability, we would hate to see food go to waste. Would you vote for à la carte or buffet?