Approaching Hotel Erekle, it is impossible not to be impressed. This boutique hotel, a small converted 19th-century chateau, sits in the historic heart of Telavi, wrapped in ancient brick walls. Remodeled with Persian, Arabic, and Georgian design elements, the building used to be home to King Erekle's 24 children, and promises a magical journey of the senses. Walled garden, shielding the porch from curious passers-by, opens up an idyllic view of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley.


7 spacious rooms on first and second floors of the building are surrounded with private and shared balconies, which extend into the inner courtyard. Eccentric mix-and-match style gives each room its distinctive character, walking into which feels like stepping into an orien- tal boudoir of fabrics, lights and prints.