Approaching Hotel Erekle, it is impossible not to be impressed. This boutique hotel, a small converted 19th-century chateau, sits in the historic heart of Telavi, wrapped in ancient brick walls. Remodeled with Persian, Arabic, and Georgian design elements, the building used to be home to King Erekle's 24 children, and promises a magical journey of the senses. Walled garden, shielding the porch from curious passers-by, opens up an idyllic view of the Caucasus Mountains and the Alazani Valley.



7 spacious rooms on first and second floors of the building are surrounded with private and shared balconies, which extend into the inner courtyard. Eccentric mix-and-match style gives each room its distinctive character, walking into which feels like stepping into an oriental boudoir of fabrics, lights and prints.


The journey of optical illusions begins in the very reception area of the building: whimsical décor - a frenzy of color and textures stands out with eccentric paintwork on both ceilings and walls of the ground level area. A combination of a small winter garden allowing the fireplace area to overflow with natural sunlight during daytime, and handmade shut- ters with oversized ceramic lamps that trick the eye friskily at nighttime, this guest area unites the hotel’s lounge, dining-room, and bar-all part of what we would call a playful journey of the senses.

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  • Blue

    The blue room that gives you an extraordinary holiday, will  be never forgotten.

    Price: 200 GEL
    Area: 22 m2
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  • Love Room

    This spicy interplay of mauve, magenta and oriental art is a perfect love nest. With extra privacy and a stylish, residential feel, heavy silk curtains and dark wood furniture details add to the sense of luxury, where you and your partner are promised an amethystine journey of senses.

    Price: 250 Gel
    Area: 33 m²
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    The Ocean Blue Room has a very classy Arabic feel and has been designed to create a relaxing, coastal atmosphere, dominated with royal shades of blue and chic gold details.

    Price: 250 Gel
    Area: 19 m²
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    This one is certainly one of our favorites. Mixture of ancient and modern living styles, the Dreams Room stands out with its low bed, asymmetrical lamps and ample space. Staying here is certainly a journey of your imagination, a trip in time of sorts.

    Price: 250 Gel
    Area: 22 m²
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Fill the Best. HOTEL EREKLE

Breakfast, Wine Bar, lobby Bar.






  • Wine Bar

    Very soon hotel Erekle II will provide Wine Bar in Telavi, where you can enjoy a variety of our Georgian wines.

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  • King Heraclius II

    Heraclius II born in Telavi (7 November 1720 – 11 January 1798), the center of Kakheti region of Georgia, Heraclius was a son Teimuraz II of Kakheti and his wife Tamar, daughter of Vakhtang VI of Kartli.

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      • Dito Tediashvili
      • The most beautiful place in telavi and kakheti. I prefer to all to visit this magnificent place and enjoy the flamboyant rooms. The Restaurant is brilliant, you can taste the most delicious food of georgia! 
        I leave this place with the feeling "I want to stay more" 
        Enjoy yourself !
      • Juga Sikharulidze 
      • Best design ever! Excellent location in central part of Telavi city, with amazing view on Caucasus mountains. If you are traveling in Kakheti dont miss the chance to stay in Erekle II Hotel.
          • Ana Dondua
          • Very interesting interior, with great view on Telavi.
          • Milena Mitagvaria
          • Small, cozy hotel with excellent location in Telavi -- right in the center, next to the King's palace. Individually designed, spacious rooms are beautiful and comfortable and equipped with AC and TV. Nice terrace with splendid view over city. Good service. Very much recommended.

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